3 Words

Like any great paper I would like to begin with some statistics from a very sophisticated poll well survey- that I just took via text with some of my closest people. Results are still trickling in (I guess I posed a good question? lol going to ignore any other reason)

“Describe me in 3 words”

In searching for topic or theme I got annoyed and figured I should start with the “about me” section. So trying to describe myself in 3 words  I realized that I’m quite random and currently (maybe often or always) super ADD to narrow down my own answer without any real pressure (I like to think I work well under pressure). This realization and writers block  sparked my curiosity as to how others would answer this about (plus who doesn’t like a little help on a challenging assignment & I guess what they see is probably more relatable to readers also). Since the internet can be super sketch I guess I will refrain from using names and blah blah. Any who I’m rambling- Some results

So here is some About me from ones that know me.

Cousin/Sissy: Outspoken, Crazy, Loca (As a family member this makes sense- but I’m waiting for the round two choices (did I mention theres 2 rounds, prob not as I just made it up for results I’m not fully satisfied with. my blog. my rules.)

BestAmiga: Smart, Stern, Beautiful and Helpful (I mean I’ll take 4) round1

round 2: Smart, Ambitious, Hardworking

My guy twin: Exotic (I guess for those that don’t know I should explain that this refers to my ethnicity Brazilian- not my occupation bahahah), Independent, Drama-Avoidance (“Hyphen is to meet the 3 word requirement” when in doubt hyphenate…)

Scholastic Hubby: No F*ks Given (Must agree this is often true whoops)

round 2: Chill, Smartass, Hot 😉    (smiley counts as part of the word)

Partner in Crime/possible future hubby: Compassionate, Introspective, Rational (I didn’t totally understand why he picked introspective, his reasoning “you think beyond the first layer, pay attention to what matters within yourself and to everything else too” my response oh like rational lol.

My Doctor BFF: for personal life: Loyal (I’m a Taurus, loyal to the end), Giving, Loving

For work: Reliable, Hardworking & Persistent, Responsible

CinCity: Witty, Exotic, Astute

Boyfriend since grade-school (never officially): Fun, Loving, Brasilera

Must admit I’m shocked no one said hilarious and random. I guess I just crack myself up.




oooooo kill em

My first official post

While searching for ideas I realized this may not be as easy as I had hoped. I don’t have a problem speaking my thoughts but writing them in stone (online blog) is a bit more challenging. Trying to pick a solid concrete topic has proven been proven -impossible. So I decided upon a theme (my blog means I can make up themes right?) Interesting and Random. OK two themes.

I have many loves in life. So picking one thing to write about is honestly not going to happen. But as  preview I hope to cover many interesting topics: Life, Health, FOOD, Fun, Exercise, Family, College life, juggling life, Jobs (career vs current life- interning, working in a bar, and tutoring and my full time student unpaid job) hence this is how I decided on the Interesting (debatable) and Random (always) theme. OH not to be forgotten must share the hilarious random things that make me LAUGH. Who doesn’t love a good laugh…