11 Reasons It’s So Difficult To Leave The House & Be Responsible And Stuff

more like:
1. TV exists
2. Youtube
3. Candy Crush
4. The thought of putting pants on
5. On demand
6. Instagram
7. Friends are old tired and lazy also
8. ipad – laptop is just too heavy
9. Blankets
10. any liquid happiness

Thought Catalog

DISCLAIMER: I bought a box of crayons and really needed an excuse to use them.

In Home Alone we’re briefly shown Kevin’s brilliant blueprint to stave off a duo of pesky burglars (look upstairs, dummy), and while watching the movie when I should’ve been doing several other things, I realized that I wanted to do a blueprint of my own. Now, mine is about the things inside of my home, but other than that it’s completely different from Uncle Frank’s “little jerk” nephew. These are belongings inside of my apartment that are preventing me from getting things done, which I must battle daily if I don’t want to end up a complete disappointment. Let’s evaluate:

1. COPS is on TV. It has a catchy theme song, it’s jam-packed with action and while I don’t feel good about myself for lounging around all day, I do find a sense of comfort watching…

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5 Signs You Are Most Definitely A College Senior

Ahhhhh Senior Life!!!! So true.

Very bitter sweet, great accomplishment- can’t wait to not have homework. But real life as a college grad grown up is scary!

1 week of class
1 week of finals
1 winter break
1 spring semester
1 last spring break


Thought Catalog

5. You Prioritize Finding A Job over Doing Schoolwork

Like a newborn baby, opening its blinking eyes to the first rays of life, you suddenly realize that you’re well on your way out of the womb of school. 25 point response papers seem trivial, getting a head start on that problem set seems futile. You’ve got LIFE waiting for you, babies, now finish those campus recruiting applications, dammit!

4. You revert to freshmen year social problems

The biggest similarity between senior year and freshmen year is that when you go out as a senior, you look around the party and realize you don’t fucking know anybody. Where did these prepubescent creatures come from and why is there no beer left??

 3. Apparently YOLO is actually a legitimate excuse to damage your liver and obliterate your sleeping patterns

I was coerced by my roommates (ahem) into going to a party on…

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Why Exclamation Marks Are Not Your Friend.

mhmmmm I should probably go proofread everything I’ve ever written!!!! lol

Message and Muse

Danger ahead. I’ll let you in on a little secret. One of the biggest giveaways that a client has written their own copy, without hiring a copywriter, is the over-use of exclamation marks.

The world’s most over-used punctuation mark has a lot to answer for. In a fraction of a second, it has the power to turn even the most delicately worded prose into a pantomime horse. It’s right up there with CAPS LOCK and alphanumeric truncation (h8ers gonna h8) for a spot in room 101. In the printing world, an exclamation mark is often referred to as a ‘screamer’, ‘gasper’, ‘bang’, ‘slammer’ or ‘startler’ – ie: something to be used sparingly, and for dramatic effect, where warranted. Over-use is tiring and annoying at best and shows lack of control. (Apple even has a specific section in their distributer rulebook about avoiding their use.) There’s even a word for excessive use of…

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Merry Cyber Monday… Holidays what?

Are the holidays extra commercialized this year? Or am I just sensitive to the malls opening on Thanksgiving and cyber monday beginning on sunday. Is xmas going to be a week later so that theres more time to shop also? Ew. Over it.

Apparently the ads and hype are working as this years cyber monday sales were record breaking (and counting) according to the Chicago Tribune.  http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/technology/sns-rt-us-usa-retail-cybermonday-20131202,0,3419391.story

No Surprise Online retail giant Amazon is leading the pack!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside (aka How to Survive Winter Running)


Well, it seems to be that time of year. Snow. Ice. Wind. Cold. You know – WINTER. In my opinion, it should be a 4-letter word. But whether you loathe it or love it, I’m sure we can all agree that it changes things for those of us out on the roads.

my gym winter

Don’t throw things at me for this truly anti-Canadian confession, but I am just not a fan of winter. And I am especially not a fan of winter now that I am a runner! I can no longer hole up, stay warm and wait for it to be over. I now have to embrace it, get out there and spend lots of quality time in the bitter invigorating temps.

Last weekend, Alana came to town to join me on my regular Sunday run. Once in a while, when one of us is looking for a little added motivation…

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