11 Reasons It’s So Difficult To Leave The House & Be Responsible And Stuff

more like:
1. TV exists
2. Youtube
3. Candy Crush
4. The thought of putting pants on
5. On demand
6. Instagram
7. Friends are old tired and lazy also
8. ipad – laptop is just too heavy
9. Blankets
10. any liquid happiness

Thought Catalog

DISCLAIMER: I bought a box of crayons and really needed an excuse to use them.

In Home Alone we’re briefly shown Kevin’s brilliant blueprint to stave off a duo of pesky burglars (look upstairs, dummy), and while watching the movie when I should’ve been doing several other things, I realized that I wanted to do a blueprint of my own. Now, mine is about the things inside of my home, but other than that it’s completely different from Uncle Frank’s “little jerk” nephew. These are belongings inside of my apartment that are preventing me from getting things done, which I must battle daily if I don’t want to end up a complete disappointment. Let’s evaluate:

1. COPS is on TV. It has a catchy theme song, it’s jam-packed with action and while I don’t feel good about myself for lounging around all day, I do find a sense of comfort watching…

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